Homeowners Responsibilities

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Membership & Dues

Hello all Fellow Hermosa Palms Homeowners and Lot Owners:

We welcome you to this wonderful tropical paradise. Dues must be current in order to use the facilities and vote in the annual election. Only one person per house can vote. Vacant lots cannot be used for temporary living structures of any kind.

Please fill out the form below requesting to be a member of the Hermosa Palms Neighborhood Association (HPNA) and return it to Club House office or a board member.



   1. Any person or car entering or exiting may be searched.

   2. Any person entering  will be required to show personal ID ( Visitor ID may be held until exit  ).

   3. Any non HPNA member , guest, renter  or visitor may be required to fill out an entry form.

   4. Any auto without an HP car window sticker is required to be checked in, and issued a temp pass  to be displayed in car window.

   5. Any visitor going to a home where the owner is not present  must show written authorization

   6.  Any visitor going to a home where the owner is not answering a check in call, will be accompanied to that home, if owner is not home, guest must leave.

  Pool and clubhouse Entry

   1. ONLY current paid up HPNA members, members guests ,or members house renters are allowed on the club and pool property.

   2. Each home is allowed up to 8 guests, additional guests require a fee of $20 per guest/week.

   3.  All owners, visitors, guests, renters, and workers must be checked in  at clubhouse office.

   4. Children under 13 must be accompanied by a parent , or adult they enter with who is responsible for them.

   5.  No glass bottles allowed around or in the pool. If a person brings glass and it breaks and gets into the pool, a $1000  fine will be charged.

   6. Pool chairs, lounges and umbrellas are to be kept at the pool. Beach chairs or umbrellas are to be from home owner or rented.

   7. Anyone coming off the beach is required to wash sand off before going in the pool.

   8. Permission is needed to use the property for a party or private event. (a fee may apply )

   9. The pool and clubhouse are private property and membership is required to be on the property.

  10. ANY home or lot owner is not allowed to be a guest of another HP property owner.

  Home and lots 

  1. Owners are responsible for maintaining their yard, lot and home in a clean, uncluttered, manicured appearance.

  2. Trash cans are to be off curbside except on Tuesday and Thursday (trash pick up days)

  3. Temporary structures are not allowed.

Contact Us  


Guard House phone : (506) 26436507

 Pool Office phone:  (506) 2643-3652

For all emergencies, dial 911

Pay Pool Dues

Download the Bank form and info here

Update Corporation

Info coming soon.  

Pay Taxes

Info coming soon.