Costa Rica Information

Aptly named "the Rich Coast", Costa Rica is a world-renowned destination for ecotourism and vacation enthusiasts. This peaceful country has beautiful beaches, stunning rainforest, incredible ecology, delicious food, and wonderful people.

 Seasons & Climate 

There are two main seasons in Costa Rica: Rainy season and Dry season. Rainy season is from May - October.  Dry Season is from November - April.  Both seasons are beautiful; during rainy season it typically rains at night and the days are sunny or with a light cloud cover.  The average temperature is 85 F, the ocean is  82 F year round. 


 Language & Culture 

The official language of Costa Rica is Spanish.  English is widely spoken, as it is the second most taught language.  Pura Vida is one of the most common sayings, it translates as Pure Life,  but symbolically it means simply enjoying life and being happy.  It reflects the relaxed, contented core of Costa Rican lifestyle. 


 ATMS, Money & Banking

Remember to contact your bank before your trip to let them know your using your card out of the country.  It’s also important to check what your withdraw limit is each day. 

There are five banks and many atm machines in the Jaco/Hermosa area.  There is typically an atm fee and an international fee on every withdrawal - unless your bank has partnered with a local bank. (ex. Bank of America with Scotia Bank)  Many businesses also accept major credit cards.  The Costa Rican currency is Colones - the exchange rate is roughly 570 colones to 1 US dollar. 


 Visas & Residency 

To enter Costa Rica you must have a current valid passport and provide proof of travel out of Costa Rica within 90 days.  You will be given a 90 day tourist visa upon arrival, if you would like to stay longer, you must leave Costa Rica and re-enter. You can do this by flying back to your home country or by traveling to another country and then returning to Costa Rica. Remember that you still have to provide proof of outward travel again when you return. 


Food & Water

Food in Costa Rica is safe to eat and delicious at both fine dining restaurants  and local restaurants known as ’sodas’, which serve authentic Costa Rican food such as Gallo Pinto (special flavor beans and rice), Casado ( which includes gallo pinto, a meat or fish, and a salad, ceviche ( raw fish marinated in lime juice with coriander and peppers), and batidos ( fruit smoothies)

The tap water is safe to drink in most areas of Costa Rica, with the exception of the rural / less developed areas.   however we suggest you stay on the safe side if you are on vacation by drinking purified water. 

Pipa Fria ( the liquid inside a green coconut) is a refreshing drink not to be missed while here!


Grocery Shopping & Supermarkets

Just a few minutes down the road from Hermosa Palms are two mini markets that carry the basic essentials, including fresh produce, snacks, soft drinks, juice, water, beer and liquor. Ten minutes down the road in Jaco there are three major Supermarkets that are similar to U.S. markets: the Mas X Menos, Maxi Pali, and Megasuper.  Also, every Friday there is a farmers market in Jaco which features fresh produce, organic produce, home made bread, jam, pies, and cookies.


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Chaves Dental Care
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Clinica Mision Medica Internacional
Calle Lapa Verde, Provincia de Puntarenas, Jacó, Costa Rica
Phone: 2643 2200





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Zuma Rent-a-Car
Best Car rental in Costa Rica, no hidden fees or charges, great customer service, and discounts with local restaurants and businesses when you book. Choose from: Sedan: Toyota Yaris, Small SUV: Daihatsu Bego , Medium SUV: Toyota Rav 4, Large SUV: Toyota Prado, Van: Hyundai Grand Starex, Land Cruiser 4WD, and more!
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Roberto Calvino
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